AgriKids Farm Safety Ambassador programme

 The AgriKids™ Farm Safety Ambassador programme is an all school approach to farm safety education.  It enables all primary school children to collectively engage, educate and be empowered on the topic of farm safety. Each class level is equipped with a wealth of resources to ensure your AgriKids™ Ambassador journey is age and ability appropriate. 

All school approach with each class level supported
Curriculum linked resources
school certificate awarded on completion


Equipping primary school children with key tips and knowledge on farm safety through the delivery of a supported, hybrid farm safety programme. The programme satisfies the requirements for farm safety education under the SPHE programme. 

Age Group

Primary School Children 


In class and online.


Can be carried out over the school year with work submitted for certification in late spring.


  • Min 3 learning outcomes per theme
  • In class activity – Workbook
  • Project work - 5th & 6th class
  • Events - e.g. Farm Safety Day


AgriKids Farm Safety Ambassador framed certificate.
Set of Riverside Farm Story books for school library.

The Themes & Topics

Theme 1

Farm, Field & Electricity Safety

Learning outcomes
  • Farm & field dangers.
  • Know the safety signs
  • Water safety.
  • Safety with electricity.
  • Keeping a tidy farmyard.

Theme 2

Tractor & Machinery Safety

Learning outcomes
  • Machinery farmers use.
  • Tractor blind spots.
  • Tractor Safety Checklist
  • Power Take Off (PTO), safety. 
  • Safe Stop procedure.
  • Quad Bikes

Theme 3

Animal Safety & Wellbeing

Learning outcomes
  • Animal behaviours. 
  • Animal care & Wellbeing.
  • Handling animals.
  • Zoonotic diseases.

Theme 4

Poison, Chemical & Slurry Safety

Learning outcomes
  • Understanding farm chemicals.
  • Working safely with chemicals.
  • Slurry safety.
  • Knowing the warning symbols.

Theme 5

Personal Care & Wellbeing.

Learning outcomes
  • Staying safe against the weather.
  • Healthy diet.
  • Mental health and wellbeing.

Taking part  

Step 1
Choose your class

The class grades are listed below.  Choose the grade that best suits your pupils as the content and resources have been tailored to their abilities. 

A min of 3 topics per theme to be covered.

Step 2
Complete the workbooks

Classes up to 4th are asked to complete their ‘AgriKids Farm Safety Ambassador Workbook’. Each workbook is ready to be downloaded in the class section.  Classes can also create their own workbook. 

Step 3
Project work - 5th & 6th

5th and 6th class pupils are to complete a class project which demonstrates their understanding of any of the core themes.  Project ideas are supplied in their class section or a school can choose their own.

Step 4
Organise a farm safety day

This can be included with any SPHE safety event ( road, internet, water, fire, etc) . Invite a series of speakers to school, organise video calls to farmers or run a sponsored farm walk where all the children can dress as a farmer. 


Each class level have been supplied with all the tools needed to get their AgriKids™ Ambassador journey.  Discussion Sheets will assist the class dialogue, workbooks will clarify learnings and lesson plans will give teachers practical support and guidance.  For the older group, project ideas will assist their learnings.
There is also a resources page with links and access to other sites and tools which AgriKids has found and collected so teachers don't have to.
However if a teacher has their own ideas and activities that are both innovative, creative and lead to positive learning outcomes for their pupils, then would love to add them to our Resources Bank so that all schools may benefit.  Those teachers whose ideas are selected will be fully credited.

Choose your class 

Junior & Senior Infants
1st - 2nd Class
3rd - 4th Class
5th - 6th Class


It is optional for you to submit examples of your work for certification. If you would like your work to be acknowledged, submit a scrapbook or slide show presentation of your work along with the 5th - 6th class project (if relevant to your submission).   You can submit your work via the options below on or before May 31st.

All file formats can be uploaded at the above link.  If you encounter any issues please email 

submit by post

AgriKids™ Farm Safety Ambassador Programme
C/O AgriKids, Ashbawn, Corballis, Julianstown, Co Meath, A92HP8A

Please include a stamp addressed envelope if you wish to have your work returned to you.