AgriKids Farm Safety Ambassador Programme

5th - 6th Class


This page and its resources are designed for those children participating in the 5th - 6th Class level of the AgriKids Farm Safety Ambassador Programme.  It can also be enjoyed in ad hoc farm safety lesson planning.   At the senior level, we also work on their potential to be mentors and role models for younger classes. Here you will find the tools to assist you and your pupils on your Ambassador journey.  In the younger groups, workbooks were used to support the learning, in this group we have provided a list of project ideas for each theme.  If you have your own ideas, please feel free to use them and share them with us so we can promote best learning and collaboration throughout the AgriKids Family. 

Themes and Resources

Theme 1 - Farmyard, Field & electricity safety
Learning outcomes
  1. Preparing for a farm visit.
  2. Know the safety signs.
  3. Keeping the yard tidy.
  4. Where are the dangers?
  5. Using electricity on a farm.

theme 2 - Tractor & machinery Safety

Learning outcomes

  1. The machines farmers use.
  2. Where are they used?
  3. Know tractor blind spots.
  4. 'Tractor Safety Checklist'.

theme 3 - Animal Safety & Wellbeing

Learning outcomes

  1. What the animals say.
  2. Cattle|Horses|Dogs|Cats
  3. Basic animal care.
  4.  Zoonotic diseases.

theme 4 - Slurry & Water Safety

Learning outcomes

  1. Water safety on a farm.
  2. Slurry safety.
  3. Safety with chemicals.

theme 5 - Personal Care & Wellbeing

Learning outcomes

  1. Weather protection.
  2. Eating healthy.
  3. A good night’s sleep.

risk assesstment Task

This class based tool can be used to create a risk assessment study.

An ideal for home or classroom activity.

Resources Bank. 

You can find more tips and tools in the Resources Bank

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