AgriKids™ Farm Safety Ambassadors 

Pre-School & Montessori 


This page and its resources are designed for those children attending pre-school and Montessori. Here you will find fun and engaging activities for the little ones who are getting to know and understand the basics of farming and farm safety. 

Themes and Resources

Theme 1 - Farmyard Safety
Learning outcomes:
  1. Preparing for a farm visit.
  2. Know the safety signs.
  3. Knowing the dangers.
  4. Using electricity on a farm.

theme 2 - Tractors and machines

Learning outcomes:

  1. The machines farmers use.
  2. Where are they used?
  3. Know the tractor blind spots.

theme 3 - Farm animals

Learning outcomes:

  1. What animals are on farms.
  2. What the animals are saying.
  3. Cattle | Horses | Dogs | Cats
  4.  Washing our hands

theme 4 - Where our food comes from

Learning outcomes:

  1. What food comes from a farm.
  2. Eating healthy.
  3. Getting a good night’s sleep.

Make your Farm Safety Promise

Download, say and display your farm safe promise to be farm safety and stay farm safe. 

Resources Bank. 

You can find more tips and tools in the Resources Bank. 

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